When to Start Potty Training Girls

When to Start Potty Training Girls: 3 Signs

when to start potty training girls banner“When to start potty training girls” is one of the most asked questions by newcomer parents who don’t have any background about the process.

This training is one of the most rigorous processes that parents should undertake especially mothers in the phase of parenting.

To ensure that the process of the developmental training will go smoothly, a mother should know when’s the perfect time to potty train her little girl.

Commonly, kids are being trained when they reached the age of 2. There are some parents who are starting the training earlier depending on the developmental maturity of their kids. Girls are much easier to train compared to young boys because they are not stubborn.

Girls are usually receptive with all the things that their mothers are teaching them. This is the reason why most young girls already know how to do their potty before reaching the age of 2. When to potty train girls is a very simple question that mothers should know how to answer.

There is no exact potty training age because kids may have different characteristics and personalities towards the training. But when it comes to girls, one could start before she reaches 18 months. Girls are a million times easier to handle so the mothers should worry less. Plus, as a mother, training your daughter will come in a handy because you know things that could make a little girl comfortable.  

How to potty train a girl always starts with the signals that they are displaying. Without observing the signals, you could not impose the training to your little girl. Signals will tell you if your kids are ready or not. Usually, they would start to show some signs on or before they reach 18 months.

Below are the signs that you could draw from if your princess is already ready to undergo the potty training process.

1. Discomfort to a soiled diaper

Typically, your little girl will be depending on the diaper during the early age. But as she grows up and becoming more conscious about discomfort. She will reach the phase wherein she is having an aversion towards wearing diaper especially after she has soiled or peed on it. This is one of the perfect times that parents should start to introduce the potty chair. Please make sure that you already bought a potty chair so that it can cater the needs of your princess when the right time comes.

2. Being curious about the bathroom

One of the best potty training tips for girls is to take advantage on their curiosity. When they start to ask questions or do some non-verbal signals about the bathroom, start placing the potty near the toilet. You can also demonstrate to her how it is being used. Based on potty training books that could be bought in bookstores or online shops, starting the training with an anatomical female potty training doll is very helpful. When girls will see it, they will also try to imitate what the doll is doing.

3. Awareness that she needs to use the toilet

Among the three signals, this is the best way to potty train a girl because she already has the right mindset. If this happens, you no longer need to force or bribe her to use the potty tool. She will just submit to her call of nature because she knows that she needs to release it. Also, potty training charts for girls could also help the mother determine her pee and poo schedule. To maximize the chart, feeding the child with more fiber and liquid nutrition will help activate the efficiency of bowel and bladder movement of her body.

To further guide you when to start potty training girls, you could try reading different concise manuals and gather important pointers. There is no standardized method on how to train your girls; it is you who could determine her signals. It is up to you whether you will follow the manual or personalize it to suit with your daughter’s personality.

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