Potty Training Tips for Girls

Potty Training Tips for Girls: Quick Success for Mothers

when to start potty training girls bannerThere are tons of books that could give you potty training tips for girls that you can use. There are some books that will teach you on how to train your little girl within 3 days. This might be unbelievable, right? But somehow this is true for other parents because they were able to train their kids as quickly as possible. Parents may use different techniques depending on their own child’s behavior.

Most parents are having headaches when they will start to kick off potty training for girls. Yes, this is indeed a very rigorous process but all of the mothers most go through with this stage for the sake of their children. Below are some of the most used techniques that previous successful parents are using with their potty training:


Most parents may ask when to start potty training girls. The usual perfect time to train young girls is after they have reached 18 months. At this time, the signs are being displayed like irritation towards the diaper usage, curiosity towards the potty and willingness to explore adult toilet. Signals are the most important factor of the training because without them, parents will not be successful in the training process. You cannot force kids to do potty when they are not yet displaying signals. Without signals, it simply means they are not yet ready.

Completing the Requirements Ahead of Time

Before asking how to potty train a girl, you should ask yourself first if you are ready. When you say you are ready, it means that you have read guides and potty training books. Readiness does not only entail physical things like buying the list of items like potty tool, underpants, step tools and many more. Some parents undergo professional training first before starting their own personal potty training for their kids.

Loads of Patience

The best way to potty train a girl is to approach it with mildness and full of understanding. Some parents are not successful because they easily get angry when their little girls will start to act like a diva. If you counter it with force, the natural reaction of the little girl is to resist it. Try the mild approach and you can see that it effortlessly works. Also, try to know what are the likes and dislikes of your daughter. Bribe her with the things that she likes so that you can make the situation in favor of you.

Build a Strong Connection

Another failure of potty training that usually mothers missed to do is building connection. Most mothers are always busy so they don’t have enough time to bond with their daughters. One of the best tips for potty training girls is through connection. When you child can feel that she is comfortable with the process, she sill succumb into the process.


Before fully integrating into the process itself, do not forget to use charts and calendars. The usage of potty training charts for girls is always found useful because you will oversee the schedule, frequency and the volume of the activity. Planning ahead of time will also provide you some fall back activities just in case your plan A did not work.

With a lot of books written nowadays regarding potty developmental stage, you can get lots of potty training tips for girls that are very useful for you. Pick the ones which you think are useful for your little girl. Drop the ones that you are sure will not work. Potty training is also a series of discovery and exploration. The success will always depend on how you handle it so never stop learning. Before the training, you should have tons and tons of patience.

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